Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letter from the State Fire Marshel to UT Fire Chiefs

(This letter was e-mailed out to all UT fire chiefs from the State Fire Marshel Brent Halladay.It contains some good information concerning the fire restirctions for this year)


Could you please send this out to all the State Fire Chiefs.

I attended a meeting with the Commissioner and others yesterday morning, where the Governor and Lt. Governor discussed the problems our good state is experiencing right now. Lately, there have been many.

One of the concerns brought forth was the fact that with the Statewide Fire Restrictions that have been issued by the State Forester, BLM, US Forest Service, and the BIA, all lands in the State of Utah, except incorporated towns and cities, are closed. Simply put, if you live in the county, on unincorporated private lands, you cannot set off fireworks along with several other restrictions. Many of our citizens in the unincorporated areas do not know that, and when they are informed are openly surprised.

Somehow we need to get this information to our citizens so they are informed. Many citizens are also not aware of the restrictions that your city administrations have placed in your own communities. If you watched the Governor's news conference last night he strongly pushed that if you live in the county you are banned from fireworks this year. He also urged local communities to protect themselves within the "fullest extent of the law".

Please take time to get this information out to the citizens. Posting of those closed areas, placing them on our website, placing them on your website, at the fireworks stands, city hall, local papers, etc. If we do not adequately inform our citizens, we will have great discord on the days of discharge when our citizens are shooting off fireworks in closed areas of the towns, cities, and county, and are unaware they are breaking the law.

Thank you and please be safe.


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